Next XSI release tantalisingly close, patches

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (134 Words)

Ooo. I’m so close to finishing the next version of the XSI exporter, but I’m hitting a last minute problem with the IK sampler. I seem to get some problems with the update state of the bones when scripting changing the playcontrol. If I do it manually, or execute the script in small pieces, it works, but running the whole thing in one go results in no changes in the keyframes. I found that if I deliberately retrieve the kinematic state of the bones, it resolves the problem for some bones, seemingly forcing them to update. However, inexplicably it only works for some. I’ve had to raise this with SoftImage since I’ve been bashing my head against it for several days now and getting nowhere.

In the meantime I’m working through a few patches…