Collada, and the evil of socks

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Out of the blue last week, I had an email from none other than the Sony PS3 graphic architect, who also happens to be one of the head honchos at the Collada project. The project is all about the open interchange of 3D assets between tools and engines, which is definitely a good thing. There have been attempts at this before, but either the formats have been controlled by one vendor (FBX, dotXSI), or they’ve been generalised a little too much (VRML, X3D), making them difficult to use effectively. Collada seems like a good attempt to resolve this, being specifically targetted at interactive 3D (not all 3D), and not being controlled by any one vendor. I intend to take a closer look at Collada as soon as I get some free time, since a converter for it could be extremely useful.

This morning though, I was brought down by the simplest of household items. The humble sock. There I was, happily bending down to don said sock when there was a nasty popping sound, and lo and behold my back problem from last year is, well, back. Having only recently got to the stage where pain was relatively rare, this hasn’t exactly made my day. You know, I wouldn’t mind so much if I’d taken my back out doing something adventurous, like white-water rafting, or off-piste snowboarding, or a 48-hour love-in, but doing it by putting on a sock really isn’t on. You have been warned - do not underestimate those little tubes of fabric lying innocently in your drawers, they can harbour a surprisingly vindictive evil toward you.