Patch mountain scaled, Dagon and personal projects

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I’ve been having a good hack at the patch mountain over the last few days, and have got it down to a reasonable size again. I’m now working on a few Dagon features - the sortable billboards / particles code is in using my new radix sort class, and I’m currently beavering away at allowing the registration of MovableObjectFactory instances, for simple plugging in of custom object creators. I’m also tweaking the SceneQuery code a little to make it deal with larger numbers of object types a little better.

I’m also starting to ramp up a personal project of mine using OGRE. In true Steve fashion I’ve written absolutely no code yet, but have been thinking a lot about structure and design approach. I’m considering using Yake in the interests if not reinventing any wheels, but we’ll see how it pans out. What kind of project is it? Well, I’m not quite ready to say anything about that yet. Let’s just say it’s not a FPS, it’s not a MMOG, and it’s got a definite Old Skool vibe to it. Bo.