All Spammers Must Die

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (272 Words)

Human rights are very popular these days. In some ways this is good, such as empowering the genuinely oppressed and disadvantaged; in some ways bad, such as giving natural wingemongerers a perfect conduit to lobby that society does in fact owe them a living. But one of the worst things about human rights is that we can no longer string people up by their genitalia in damp, rat-infested dungeons, no matter how very, very badly they deserve it. For shame!

I for one will be lobbying my politicians to introduce an exemption to human rights legislation for spammers, on account of the fact that they are, in fact, not human at all. Perhaps they once were, but now they are simply clots of aberrant, cancerous tissue, sucking precious resources and energy from their surroundings and merely growing more twisted and useless in the process. The kind of wasted genetic material that needs to be cut, lanced, or burned out. Slowly.

This rant is inspired by the hours of time I lost cleaning up after spammers in the OGRE Wiki. As a community resource, it works best when it’s open and free, but given our good Google ranking certain leeches on the web seek to feed off us, meaning we’ve had to lock it down far more than we’d want. Whilst our army of faithful are damn quick at eliminating spamming, the furiosity of the latest scripted attack made it especially tiresome. We all have better things to do. How many millions of hours are wasted cleaning up after these people? I say we dust off a few medieval laws just for them…