Call of the hirsute

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (182 Words)

I’ve nailed most of the main things on my TODO - sometime I have to get around to enhancing some exporters to support the hardware & software morph animation, but I really got quite a lot of disparate things done recently. 1.0.3 won’t be that long, Dagon will still be on the boil for a few months yet, mainly because it’s now a background task. I finally started a new project, and I’m quite excited about it. Before you ask, no you can’t see it, and no I won’t be posting details about it here - this one’s under wraps for the forseeable future. Gimme 4-6 months, then ask 😉

On completely unrelated note, I’ve decided to grow a full beard, just to see what it’s like. I’ve had the goatee for over 10 years now, figure I can use some variation. Shaving the goatee off wasn’t really on the cards (I know from experience that I tend to look 15 when I’m clean shaven), and soul patches are just daft. So, we’ll see . Lets hope it doesn’t have unforseen consequences.