Spoke too soon

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For obvious reasons, the week went rapidly downhill after my last post on Wednesday. Luckily everyone I know who was in London at the time has checked in ok, I hope the same is true of readers of this post. These scumbags somehow think that doing this will make Britain back off from places where they hide out? Hardly - I think for most it just makes us want to kick their arses even more. Britain has always had a rather more subtle approach to middle-eastern relations than the US (understatement), but I don’t doubt that behind the scenes there will be some loosening of collective leashes.

At least London got back to normal business as much as possible the very next day, that’s in many ways the best way to give these groups the finger. It’s crazy to think of it this way, but the worst days of the IRA threat seem civilized compared to this savagery. No coded warnings, no stated political or social agenda. Just blowing people up, and making utterly pathetic pseudo-religeous justifications afterward. I don’t envy Mr Blair - eloquent though he always is, it must be tough to come up with words to describe these people, I don’t think I could.