Another stable release out the door

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Well, there was the usual last-minute wrangling, which included such gems as suddenly realising that nVidia skipped backwards in deviceID numbering in the 6×00 series for the first time, thus accidentally triggering some special-case checking for known foibles on the GeForce3 and GeForce4 in OGRE. Gah. But, 1.0.3 is out the door, making Azathoth ever more stable. I’m keen to keep the updates coming for 1.0.x since I know a bunch of people are using it for their products. My favorite right now is Ankh, they released an amusing trailer a week or so ago and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

Good things are afoot in Dagon too, wumpus has just added support for GL_EXT_frame_buffer_object now that nVidia have implemented it, which makes render to texture a lot quicker in GL where it’s available. nfz just joined the team and has made / is making material scripts even more powerful than before (and they were already pretty spiffy). My work on morph animation is basically done, as I’ve said before, although I’ve got a few ancilliaries to implement. There are still some things on the TODO, I think Dagon will be an autumn release.

All this has meant I’ve had not a lot of time for my unnanounced project this week (note to self: think up a comical codename for use on this blog), although I’ve made some progress. Next week I should be able to get on a little better, although both my wife and I have birthdays next week (I’m turning 32, I won’t tell you how old she’ll be since I’ve heard that’s impolite ;).