Back to normality, except the Meteos hallucinations

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Well, the weekend was a bit nuts, but all good fun and I can now settle back into doing a bit of coding. I had to ban our first non-Spam user on the OGRE forums, which was sad but necessary due to repeated flouting of our rules despite several warnings - forum users reading this will undoubtedly know who I’m talking about. I also decided to finally do something about the repeated script kiddies running rootkits against my home Linux server, it got way too tedious seeing all their failed attempts in the logs, literally hundreds every day. I haven’t seen any since I took extra steps, although if they do reappear they’ll get cut off much faster now. It’s sad the net is filled with people with nothing better to do than waste the time of others.

On another note, Meteos is rather captivating. I had my first competitive game of it against a friend last night, wirelessly across the lounge which is an improvement over the Gameboy cables of old. At first, it’s quite an overwhelming game and you feel a little lost, but once you start to get used to it, recognising potentially draggable block patterns & combos becomes enthralling. It’s so like Tetris, in terms of seeing little blocks dance in your vision when you close your eyes, and yet nothing like it since the gameplay is very different. It’s far more frantic than Tetris, because you’re directly manipulating the blocks with the stylus and as such there needs to be no extra time provided for moving and turning blocks - you’re just right in there, the game is as fast as you can scribble. Very classy.