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Yes, we’re back from our holiday in the Dolomites. 2 weeks of going up and down on foot between 1500 and almost 2700m was tiring but a lot of fun. We did take cable cars and chair lifts too, but went the whole hog on foot a few times. It was not without injury - I sported a jumbo-bubble-wrap blister in the same place from day 3 onward, and on the last full day Marie had a small fall (on comparatively the least difficult of paths, quite typically) and injured her arm for which she’s now going to have an xray on, since it’s still giving her trouble. The weather was great, it only rained once and the start of the trip was unseemingly hot for the region. I’m just glad that when we went up to the local glacier, cramped on a tiny little steel platform with a surprisingly small rail dangling from a cable (which we nicknamed ‘the cage of death’), it wasn’t that windy. Quite why no-one has made an action film where the baddie fights the hero on one of those cages at the end, I don’t know - it’s text-book. 😀

Now I’m trying to catch up with life and OGRE, and not doing particularly well at either right now. Luckily I still have a couple of days off work so I can be back up to speed by next week, if all goes well.