Eating my own dog food

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Well, I spent a little while tonight upgrading an application I wrote under contract from a year ago (against 0.15.x, the Hastur days) to OGRE 1.0.x, and it took longer than I thought. The app happens to make fairly heavy use of CEGui which also changed a fair amount so some rejigging was required there too. It’s amazing how quickly you forget how things used to be done; this code included custom serialisers and tools using the old DataChunk code for example, I’d forgotten how nasty that aspect was before I rewrote it all for the resource overhaul in 1.0. I guess when I think about it, I’ve been working with 1.0 of some kind since November last year so it’s not surprising I’ve become accustomed to it (and in fact now I spend much of my time with Dagon, of course). Ah well - it’s finally all compiling now, but I will need to do some testing tomorrow to confirm it all still works.

At work I’ve spent the last couple of days getting a couple of new application / database servers up and running, and the cumulative level of patching and configuration tweaks required is just staggering - WebSphere and Oracle have quite a few between them, then there are the Windows Server 2003 patches and lots of tweaks for this issue or that, as well as our application and it’s dependent components to install and configure. It’s a marathon, and I’m glad I don’t have to do it very often - I’ve considered automating it, but given the rareity, the time pressures I’m normally under on the real servers and the lack of spare legit licenses to be able to test any automation setup (WebSphere is not cheap by half), makes it impractical.

Given that both WebSphere and Oracle can be very cryptic at the best of times, I’m quite pleased with how quickly I can generally resolve issues with them now - these are not simple pieces of software and are generally quite unfriendly to the uninitiated, so I wear my battle scars with some pride 😉

Anyway, I’ve been getting home late, so OGRE work has been dragging late, and I really ought to get more sleep. Zzzzz