Home, home on the [high dynamic] range…

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This past week has been mostly about 2 things - the next maintenance release of OGRE, which you can read ample about on the OGRE Website, and doing a spot of commercial work which I can’t talk in any detail about, hence the lack of updates. All I can say is that I’ve had a bit of fun exploring the Radiance source code, and although stylistically it’s full of things that make me squirm (it’s old-skool C), it’s a useful resource. After plunging through the decidedly scummy looking surface layer, I found what I needed (I was examining how to encode HDR data in the Radiance format) and saw quite a few leads for future research. Part of my current personal project will entail some lighting research, and since Radiance concentrates on physically based lighting models it will likely come in handy as a reference. OGRE has supported HDR for a little while but I’ve never really used it in earnest, but in the last couple of days I’ve found the HDR features very pleasant to work with. I must complement the author. 😀

On another note, I was chuffed to spot that OGRE had a plug in the latest Game Developer Magazine, in the suggested open source resources box. Blender and GIMP were mentioned too, but we were the only 3D engine listed. Huzzah!

Anyway, I’ve been on the go constantly since I got back from hols, I think this weekend I’ll take some time to watch a film or play a game or something. I keep meaning to see Oceans 12, and a friend has leant me a couple of films to watch (I’ll get to them eventually Lee, honest). Maybe I’ll get time to touch the DS too 😉

It’s also time for me to buy a new iPod. I’ve been eking out my retro-style v1 iPod since they were first released, but the battery really has gone now. Mine seemed to last longer than most so I can’t really complain. My collection is a bit too close to the Mini’s limit, so I may go for the new 20Gb colour one. Alternatives include the Zen or the new iRiver, but to be honest the iPod just looks & feels nicer (yes, I’m vain when it comes to gadgets - probably why I like my Vaio notebook), I’ve gotten quite used to iTunes, and I’ve been very happy with my current one. We’ll see.