Hosting musings

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Over the last 24 hours has been having some network issues, because my ISP has suffered a DOS attack on one of their boxes. It was so bad even their upstream provider was having problems and they apparantly had to deadvertise an entire netblock for a while. Ouch. The target wasn’t on the server sits on, but even so we experienced some outage. Luckily I was asleep for most of it.

As usual though, my hosting provider was very much on top of the matter, posted frequent status updates and is discounting everyones bills this month. I thought that was pretty good - I haven’t been affected that much and they don’t have anything in the SLA that says they have to do that (and from what I can tell, no-one had even got around to asking yet, they volunteered), but they’re doing it anyway - and by a higher % than the downtime. I have to say I’ve been extremely pleased with this host ( - they give a very personal service for a reasonable fee - it’s not the cheapest you can get, but I’ve dealt with other providers and been completely screwed over before so I’m glad to have a reliable host. I’ve been with them for about 3 years now I think, after desperately fleeing 2 other really crappy hosts, and I have no intention of moving.

The OGRE site is hosted elsewhere since the needs are a lot more demanding, since we needed a dedicated host and a chunky bandwidth allowance. HostMatters, whilst great for personal and developer sites, gets a little too pricey going up the scale, mainly because they only offer fully managed servers, and since the site had to be funded by donations, we had to stay realistic. We’re with Layered Technologies for OGRE and haven’t had any issues with them yet after about 6 months of running there. We had tried a virtual dedicated server on a different host before them but we just blew the limit in less than a month, in terms of bandwidth and server usage. So it was a complete dedicated server or nothing after that; LayeredTech had been recommended by a friend and OGRE contributor (the illustrious qsilver, who now works for Will Wright on Spore, lucky thing), and their setup and upstream capability checked out so we went for it, and haven’t regretted it yet. Donations slowed down a lot after the first couple of months, but we still have enough funds to pay for the site until mid-Q2 2006 right now. I’m sure if we announced we were running out of cash we’d get some help anyway, there are an increasing number of companies investing in using OGRE. I’m sure TKS could help with that, I hear their MD is a pretty down-to-earth guy 😉