boost::test and freebies

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So, I managed to get a little work done on Kadath today, not as much as I’d have liked (what’s new), but at least it’s some. One thing I did was take a quick look around for a new unit testing framework, since although I’ve been relatively happy with CppUnit, it’s always hung in debug mode, which is fine during regression testing when it all works (since you always run in release anyway), but makes investigating issues when you first set them up - or if, horror of horrors, your regression test fails - a little awkward. CppUnit also hasn’t released a new stable in over a year, so I decided to see what else was available.

After having a quick skim through what was on offer, I settled on boost::test. Any self-respecting C++ coder knows that pretty much anything in Boost completely rocks, even if some of it might make you scratch your head, and your compiler whimper as it confronts the hordes of templates typically used in the average Boost lib. 😀

Unit testing frameworks are all very much of a muchness, so it didn’t take long at all to get boost::test set up and working exactly like CppUnit. Nice features though include structured exception handling (that’s OS exceptions, not C++ exceptions), and built-in support for fuzzy matching on floating-point values - something I use a lot, obviously. Debug works fine too, so I’m happy. I’ve plugged it in and have started to write test routines for Kadath, which I really do need since a lot of this stuff is extremely content-dependent, and I need a repeatable way to test lots of variations. I should have started it earlier really, but hey, I’m only human. 😀

In other news, SoftImage|XSI version 5 is coming out very soon. I’ve submitted papers for the beta program, but it may turn out that the real thing is available before that turns up, we’ll see. I’ll need to test the OGRE XSI exporter with the new version, and apparantly the Custom Display Host (where you can embed custom renderer in an XSI pane) will be available in Foundation this time, which will raise the calls for an OGRE CDH plugin. I’d really like to do this (hell, I wanted to do it before), but time is always the issue. It took me a good while to get the XSI exporter to where it is now, and I think most users are very happy with it, so I never had time to explore the CDH angle. I definitely want to though, especially as Kadath would have a use for it too. We’ll see how the time goes.

I’ve been contacted by a guy from SoftImage UK today too, which is nice - up until now I’ve always dealt with their Montreal office, which is all fine but it’s good to know there’s a contact closer to home too. The magic word ‘freebie’ has also come up, so it looks like I’ll be getting a T-Shirt or two and some training materials from the UK office. As a consummate geek, I can never resist a tech-related T-Shirt of course, and the lack of monetary exchange only sweetens the deal 😀