iPod v1 back from the dead, seeks brains

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (245 Words)

Since the only thing wrong with my v1 ‘retro’ iPod was the battery, I decided to take a look at how much the 3rd-party replacements were, and was quite pleasantly surprised both at how cheap, and how much more powerful than the original they were. I guess I should have looked before I splashed out on the new one, but for obvious reasons a large part of me is glad I didn’t. I don’t doubt that the geek part of my subconscious clubbed the sensible part into silence until after the new gadget was acquired.

Now, those of you owning an iPod know that it has no screws - that would spoil the shiny, glossy finish of course. So, you have to prise the little bugger apart, releasing the multitude of catches which hold the two halves together. Once you get started, you’re fine, but getting that first clip to unsnap was pretty difficult - not helped by the fact that the iPod exterior is like teflon and has no sharp corners, deflecting all but the most perpendicular of screwdriver assaults away with alarming determination. I tell you, medieval armourers could have learned a thing or two from this device. Exert too much pressure and that screwdriver is zipping off right into the soft flesh of your hand. Multiple times. Ouch.

Anyhow, it’s done and the old boy of the portable hard-disk music player world is back in action. I’ve donated it to Marie 😀