Bag / cat containment breach

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Well, after much deliberation I let slip some of my plans for Kadath today on the OGRE Forums. In many ways I would have preferred to keep it all under wraps until I could whip off the cover with a resounding ‘Tadaaaa!’, but in practice I realise I have to give people some idea of what it is I’m doing, because many of them may be making plans which could be affected by my intentions. I’m still keeping most of the detail to my chest, but at least people know what it is I’m trying to address, so if their plans are longer term they may well decide to hold off making their own solutions to the problem until they see what I have.

On a personal note it does give me a little more incentive too. I’m wading through test script building right now, which isn’t exactly scintillating. However, it’s doing it’s job and has already identified bugs which would have been more difficult to isolate later.