OGRE 1.0.5 next week, Kadath phase 1 testing

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We’re planning a new OGRE maintenance release next weekend since there are some important bugfixes to get out. Dagon is still progressing well, mostly thanks to nfz and wumpus since I’m mostly busy with Kadath and the odd OGRE bugfix right now. I did take some time out this week to work on an XSI exporter issue with multiple animations, this is now squashed. I’m still waiting for my XSI v5 license but when that arrives that’ll need some testing. Also good news is that nfz has grabbed COLLADA with both hands and is busy implementing an add-on to support it. It’s bugged me for a while that I haven’t had enough time to get into the COLLADA project since we were invited earlier this year, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with doing a simple mesh converter or something like that - there’s so much to it that it deserves far more. I really haven’t had time for that. Luckily nfz is partially retired (lucky devil) so he’s really laying into it. I wish I had more time.

For me, Kadath is proceeding albeit slowly, I hope to finish my detailed testing of the stage 1 code this weekend and move onto something more fun (ie phase 2) next week. The initial preprocessing of the triangle soup is going well and it’s spitting out ‘triangle mince’ (as I’ve chosen to call it) the other end as expected. It’s kind of a reverse decimation process, you see - building structure where there was none before. Eventually after phase 2 we should have ‘triangle steak’, ready to be seasoned in phase 3. Remember, when you see these terms in future graphics books, you heard them here first. 😉