Go Ankh!

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As those who read the main OGRE website already know, there is now an official Ankh page as the game nears completion. I’m really, really looking forward to seeing how it turns out, it’s looking excellent. I had the pleasure of working with Deck13 (the authors) earlier in the year on a feature they needed for Ankh and I wish them all success - Thorsten, I hope you’re not getting too burned out mate 😀

It’s good to know the point-and-click adventure still survives despite it being inexplicably eradicated from all the mainstream publishers / developers in recent years, along with so many other genres that don’t fit into the pigeon holes that are currently seen as the only ones worthy of the budgets needed to make a modern game (which is nonsense of course - those of us out of our teens with IQ’s in triple figures actually care about gameplay quality more than raw production values).

Note to publishers - I liked the old LucasArts games (you know, back when their they did something other than just distressingly poor Star Wars cash-ins, and before George Lucas went totally off his nut), and I’m not alone. Day of the Tentacle, The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Dig - these were works of genius that I enjoyed a great deal. So why, WHY did you cut funding to such a creative and enjoyable genre? Ah yes, because you wanted to cash in on the hardcore FPS/RTS/MMOG/Racing/Sport players like every other game company on the planet. Nice vision guys - you turned what was a very special company with some great IP into yet another faceless game company chasing nothing but money. No wonder all your best people left, leaving you with only the odd lucky break when external companies did the work for you (Knights of the Old Republic).