Is my memory getting bad, or do articles just take ages to get to print?

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On a random internet jaunt I noticed I got quoted by the Lunix Pipeline last week in their article “Big Game Hunt: Can 3D Graphics Give Linux An Edge On The Desktop?". I vaguely remember making these comments but it seems like ages ago :/ Luckily I still agree with them. I’ve done several email interviews over the past year or so but they don’t always end up in a final article - I did a fairly in-depth one for around the time we were Sourceforge Project of the Month but I don’t think it ever saw the light of day in the end. Hey ho.

Cool, I just found another new article on about OGRE, linking to this site: Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part V: OGRE 3D. It’s quite high level but all publicity is good. 😀