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I’m struggling to make much coding headway right now - a family member was taken suddenly and quite seriously ill recently which has made it a little difficult to concentrate, plus I’m now reliably informed by El Doc that I have a virus of some kind which is currently sparring enthusiastically with my throat and tonsils. I’m quite disappointed in Norton for not alerting me to this infection - just what exactly do I pay my subscription fees for anyway? I have a tendency to stubbornly ignore my own illnesses unless they’re serious enough to completely incapacitate me, but I must admit I’ve been feeling pretty shagged out and unfocussed lately.

All in all this has left me rather irritable for the last week or so, so I apologise to email recipients and forumites for any unusually elevated levels of sarcasm. Not that you can probably tell.

What productive time I have had has gone into Kadath phase 2, which is going as well as can be expected. Automatic primitive portal detection is ostensibly working, but there is much more testing to be done before moving on to the second part of phase 2, which is cell grouping and portal simplification.