Now you see me, now you don't

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I’ve been back of sorts, posting a bit here and there in the forums and joining IRC sometimes. I hear that the OGRE website was briefly down again this week due to a DNS outage, which I am sorting out longer term prevention for, but please bear with me. The unfortunate situation is that my Grandfather was diagnosed with a terminal illness only last week, and has been fading distressingly fast since then, so OGRE has not been high on my list of priorities. I don’t have a lot of close family unlike many people who live on this island so it’s important to me to be around as much as I can.

This coming week we’re visiting my parents who live in Cornwall (that little peninsula at the bottom left of Britain where King Arthur came from, allegedly). It’s been arranged for a while but now is now quite bad timing, but we’ll see how things go. The stretch of water isn’t that far after all, and there isn’t much more that can be done here now.

The only other event of any note recently was a friends stag night this Friday gone, for one of the few unmarried friends I have left. I almost didn’t go since this week hasn’t exactly put me in a celebrating mood, but it was an important occasion for my friend and I figured my Grandad wouldn’t have wanted me moping about anyway. In the end I was glad I went, I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, the groom-to-be had a good time and I was significantly cheered up by the end of it.

So, I’ll be out of touch for a few more days, back next weekend depending on events.