A farewell

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Well, the inevitable happened this morning and my Granddad passed away, peacefully and surrounded by family. Upsetting though this is, in one way it is a relief since he is at least no longer in the pain he was near the end. Now the emphasis has to move to looking after other people, especially my Gran, who has been incredibly strong throughout all of this, despite illnesses of her own to contend with.

Today’s blog entry, therefore, is dedicated to the big-hearted Yorkshireman who could always make us laugh, whether it was by trying to teach his pet cockatiel to say ‘Knickers’ in company, or by joyfully building a ‘portable’ radio from spare parts before being told he could buy a far smaller one for much less than the extra parts to bring his creation to fruition had cost him. He always found something new to show whenever we went around to see him, in his greenhouse/workshop where, dressed always in one of his many blue boiler suits, he’d show off how he’d managed to turn an old hospital bed no-one wanted into a portable plant nursery, or a metal cabinet someone had thrown out into a floor-mounted power tool chest, or wired something to something else in probably quite a dangerous fashion. He was part-Womble, part-Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit), but 100% a character all to himself who will be missed deeply by more people than he probably ever realised.

See ya Pop, and thanks.