Blog software switch

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As you can see, I’ve given the site a bit of a makeover, simplified the theme somewhat and switched from PostNuke to WordPress; PostNuke hasn’t been my software of choice for some years but I never got around to moving to anything else. I had considered Mambo, which I’ve used for other sites, but I only use this site for blogging now so I thought I’d use something simpler for that purpose. I managed to port the data across easily enough, but one thing it did make me remember was just how much I hate wrangling with CSS layout issues. I don’t do it often enough to be a master at it, and I always end up gnashing my teeth at it even for relatively simple things. Give me code I can debug any day rather than a stupid declarative language where you have to guess what the effects will be in different browsers and use silly hacks like negative margins to make it play nice.

Just heard from Thorsten this week that Ankh has gone gold (in German at least, English very soon). Well done to all the Deck13 team, I hope they take a bit of a breather now! 😀