Bits and bobs

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It’s a bit of a ‘family week’ this week since the funeral was yesterday and extra family are in the island, so we’re having a few get togethers and thus there won’t be too many code commits this week.

Over the weekend I made a little progress on the animation enhancements I mentioned a few days ago, hopefully I should get those in over the weekend. I might even get chance to play with XSI v5 a little more and start planning morph / facial animation export support for that (I’ll backport it to 4.2 for those who haven’t upgraded of course, I still have it installed).

I also added some new heuristics to Kadath so that the user can control how the initial partitioning of the level is carried out. You can now specify primary and secondary heuristics to use (secondary being used if the primary is the same), the default primary being ‘minimum cut’ (ie minimise the number of triangles sliced), and the default secondary being ‘maximum orthogonality’ ie maximise how orthogonal the splitting plane is to the triangles being cut. Other options include ‘maximum area’ (prefer planes which are covered by larger surface areas of triangles) and ‘random’ (do whatever). I also plan to add manual splitting planes eventually which the level designer can user to indicate where the first splits should occur. All this is pretty standard BSP building fare - the difference being that the BSP structure is just a starting point used to generate the final cell/portal structure.

Finally, I hope you’ve all watched Star Wreck : In The Pirkinning by now. Top job.