I love free stuff

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Yesterday couriers delivered some more free stuff from those very nice chaps at Softimage; this time it came from the Avid UK office rather than Montreal where the developer relations guys are. In today’s package I had a promo T-Shirt for their ‘3D Love’ tour where they’re showing off the considerable capabilities of XSI v5.0 on 64-bit platforms in various cities (and yes, I’m feeling the love, thanks), and a double-sided training DVD, hot off the presses for the new version, which may hopefully improve my frankly shocking modelling skills. I have to say though, rubbish though I am at 3D modelling, XSI is always very pleasant to use, and I’d recommend anyone to give it a try. 3D Studio and Maya may have historically higher profiles, especially the former in the game industry, but whilst I hear people bitching about those products, I’ve only ever heard good things about XSI from artists who have switched, and my experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive. You can suspect me of corporate stoogerie now if you like, but I assure you my positive opinion of the product has been formed independently of such luxuries as free T-Shirts. Note that I didn’t say to stop sending the free stuff though 😀