OGRE download demographics

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After a week and a half of 1.0.6 being available, there have been roughly 16000 total downloads, and 8000 downloads of the source / SDK releases (and that’s about 20Gb per day including other downloads like tools, fact fans). Breaking down the numbers is interesting - it doesn’t reflect the whole OGRE community since the more adept users tend to get it directly from CVS, but it’s indicative of the more mainstream use perhaps.

Full source breakdown (build-it-yourself option):

Windows:     76%
Linux & OSX:     24%

SDK option (prebuilt, Windows only):

Visual C++ 6:     18%
Visual C++.Net 2002 (7.0):     7%
Visual C++.Net 2003 (7.1):     50%
Visual C++.Net 2005 (8.0):     25%

Now, we’re already dropping support for VC6 in Dagon (OGRE 1.1.0, although perhaps we should follow Firefox’s lead and call it 1.5? ;)), primarily due to failing support from Microsoft in things like the DirectX SDK, and also it’s chronic bugs. However, these figures would suggest that keeping VC 7.0 support is not particularly worthwhile either. I’m still a VC7.0 user myself (until VC8.0 Pro arrives), and have regularly had to adjust source releases to work with 7.0 since their project files come preconfigured for 7.1, so we wouldn’t be the first to assume 7 == 7.1. Something to consider, it’s something of a pain to have to build so many SDKs and dependency archives.

It also shows that VC++ 2005 Express has been a huge success, unsurprisingly. Zero to 25% in only a month of official release is very good, and I expect that to continue to rise. There really isn’t any excuse to stay on VC6 anymore since VC8 Express is free and has better functionality & standards compliance. Now, if only MS would actually ship the darn thing (ie the Pro version) in the UK.