Didn't they do well?

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I was pleased to learn today that Ankh has picked up two awards at the German Developer Awards in the last few days, for Best Game and Best Soundtrack. Well done to all the team at Deck13, it’s great to see and I’m dying to see the English version in January. I hope you remember to send me that free copy like you promised Thorsten 😉 English language reviews are rare at the moment but the scores coming in from German sites are very good - invariably in the high 80s and very close to the review scores given by the same sources to more high-profile games like Farenheit. The music video they released is rather amusing too. 😀

It seems like OGRE-based projects have a habit of winning awards. In 2004, a little game called Scootarama won the Best Indie Game Award at the Australian Game Developers Conference. Here’s hoping that 2006 won’t disappoint 😀