2 MMO platforms utilise OGRE tech

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You might have seen the recent Slashdot post about Multiverse, a new MMOG platform getting a bit of press at the moment. Well, it turns out that their client uses Axiom (now merged with Realmforge since leedgitar left), which is a C# port of OGRE. It’s a shame they didn’t use OGRE directly, since Axiom always trailed behind OGRE a while, and I can only assume Realmforge hasn’t made that lag up completely yet (I may be wrong though).

While browsing around their forums, I saw links to Kaneva, another MMOG platform which seems a little further advanced but is based on the same kinds of ideas. And lo and behold, I found that their most recent version says this:

Ogre XML support. This is huge: you’re no longer limited to using 3ds max as your modeling program! Use 3d models in KGP from any modeling program that supports the Ogre XML standard. In addition to exporting from 3ds, you can create and export 3d models from applications such as Blender, Maya, LightWave, and many others.

So whilst they’re not using OGRE as an engine, they’re piggy-backing on our XML format and exporters because they consider it a good standard. They even made a surprisingly complete workflow diagram of the export paths OGRE makes available (and there’s probably more than you think). Cool.