2 OGRE games on front page of mainstream PC games portal

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Well, this was a welcome surprise - one of our French users pointed out that the French gaming portal, JeuxVideo, today had 2 OGRE-powered games featured on their front PC page at once, Ankh and Pacific Storm 😀Because this obviously won’t last as more articles come up, I’ve saved it for posterity (click for full page):

For those of you who can read french, here’s the full previews: Ankh | Pacific Storm.

I was also interested to see that the box art for Ankh in France is a little different to the German version (which you can see in the full preview); obviously I expected the text to change but the logo appears to have been tarted up a bit and the background is a bit different too. Perhaps the artists just had a little more time to tinker with this version 😀