What time is it? Tooth hurty.

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It was eleven o’clock last night and I’d just had a cup of tea. Pretty uneventful you’d think, Englishman has tea, perhaps had I been even more traditional there might have been some checkered pygamas and/or smoking jacket and a copy of The Times involved too, but no, just a good old steaming mug of the brown nectar.

Until my tooth starting yelling blue murder - loudly. You wouldn’t have thought that a tooth had a good pair of lungs on it, but this one did. I have sensitive teeth anyway, so I assumed it was a cold day / hot drink thing at first, but this little blighter just wouldn’t shut up. Not being able to concentrate, I left the computer and had a bash at Mario Kart for half an hour or so to take my mind off it. Still hurt. So, I made an attempt to dull it with pain killers and hit the sack.

This morning it had mercifully calmed down, but I went to the dentist to get it checked out. The news is that the oldest hunk of metal in my head (yes, this filling dates from the time when you had to go to a blacksmith to get yer teeth sorted, so yer did) has started to become defective, and hence has a habit of leaking ostensibly harmless tea into rather sensitive nerve ending cluttered cavities. Damn.

So, tomorrow I have to return to have the thing refitted with a new and improved ‘Filling 2.0’, which I can only imagine these days includes a toungue-activated, flash-based MP3 player built in. Well, for the price they charge, it has to have something good, right?