DDOS attacks

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (260 Words)

Well, today at 13:00 GMT the OGRE site was deluged by hack attempts from hundreds of separate IPs in an obvious case of botnet attack. It was trying to run a script through an old phpBB hole (which we’ve patched - good to know the hours I spend doing security patches weren’t in vain) , which was located on a Turkish company site which had clearly been compromised - I’ve notified the admins so hopefully they’ll remove it and tighten their security.

Analysing what it was doing, it clearly identified targets through a Google search for particular text patterns, which the OGRE forums still matched even though the site was patched. I’ve altered our templates so that we don’t conform to the usual patterns, so once Google refreshes we should hopefully no longer be identified as a target by this particular script - on the assumption that this might not be the only instance.

And as for the guy who wrote this (and I won’t say their nickname here - the last thing I want to do is give them any kind of credit) you really are a complete tosser mate. Your clearly vacuous claims of technical pwnage in your script reveal you to be both deeply unskilled and tragically lacking any real self-esteem; why don’t you go out and do something that’s actually worth anything instead, hmm? Perhaps then you’d get the attention you so clearly crave. If not, just go out to the barn with Daddy’s shotgun, end your miserable little existence and save us all some time.