Bag o' mixed news

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A whole bunch of things to talk about today. Firstly, I’ve been feeling pretty awful over the last couple of days and think I’ve caught a bug which has been doing the rounds lately, taking out quite a lot of people at work. So far I haven’t taken any sick leave but I’ve been too tired in the evening to do much OGRE work.

Nevertheless, I’m planning a small rework to the pose animation features I’ve already done, mainly to move the actual definition of poses out of animation tracks and just refer to them in the tracks themselves with an influence level, allowing you to script the pose blends in tracks, which is much more powerful but doesn’t require any more actual features than are already there. I’ll just have to tell reimpell when it’s done since he’s already implemented pose export in the Blender exporter and will need to adapt to the small reorganisation. This really came up as I played with the shape animation features in XSI, when I realised I was only a small step away from being able to support all of XSI’s facial animation features. I’m in contact with Softimage now to see whether I can use one of their tutorial scenes in a demo since I suck at modelling.

In other news, you might remember a good while back I wrote an article for Software 2.0 on OGRE, and was very annoyed when they never paid me or responded to my questions why. Well, someone from the same publishing company posted on the forums recently asking for authors, and of course I pitched in warning people about my bad experience with them. This appears to have finally gotten a response from the company who are now promising to make amends - which frankly, is about bloody time. Their excuse was that an employee left and no-one picked up their mail, so I got lost. Now, I realise mistakes get made everywhere and I do appreciate someone finally trying to sort this out - but really it shows that the procedures at this company were pretty dire - I’d had contact with 2 people there, both of whom had email boxes linked directly up to the shredder it seems, and no-one at the company figured out that their work hadn’t been done, thus really pissing off the very people that give them content to publish in the first place. This in itself means that I personally wouldn’t do any work for this company again because I have no confidence the same thing couldn’t happen again.

Lastly, someone has owned up to being the DOS ‘attacker’ from Vietnam a couple of days ago, and indeed not only were they using a site scraper which was dumb enough not to pause between requests, but they’d tried to download the whole OGRE site, including over 100,000 forum pages. Needless to say I’ve given them a stern talking to. 🙁 I’ll unban their IP when they respond to my reply indicating they realise the magnitude of their error.