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This made me laugh. 😀A few nostalgia clips for any true Brit with a home computer in the early 80’s. If you owned the terribly yankee C64 you don’t count 😉

Hey Hey 16k

I really miss the days of quirky British games. Who could forget the likes of Fat Worm Blows a Sparky, Skooldaze and Pyjamarama? These days the only place that seems to maintain it’s cultural uniqueness in it’s games is Japan (and to some extent, France, although there are less and less quirky French games these days too) - in Britain we seem to have lost all the things that made our games interesting and different in the pursuit of mainstream acceptance in the US, and it’s just thrown a damp towel over everything in my opinion. Apologies in advance to my many American friends here, but whilst your country is great at making shedloads of money, in general it’s really quite bad at coming up with interesting game ideas - most of the time it’s just a case of ‘faster bigger better’ - and I really don’t like that the global games industry has largely rolled over and capitulated to that being the rule of law. Economics always wins I guess. When China takes the US’s place as the largest market, I wonder what might change?

It’s just a bit sad that despite there still being lots of game development studios in the UK, they’re mostly owned by US companies or can’t survive without courting the American market. Can you actually tell any more when a game is made by a British studio? The way you could even as recently as Conkers Bad Fur Day or Giants? Not any more. It’s all “I want to be Fiddy Cent” (god, why?) or “I want to live like those people in Friends”. Will I ever see the day again where a game features a cheat code requiring me to spell the word ‘Bollocks’ correctly, or one that tickles my subtler British wit rather than hitting me with a sledgehammer labelled ‘laugh now!’ (or failing that, at least give me some decent toilet humour and/or sexual innuendos for gods sake)? I hope so, I really do.