New OGRE Goodies

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I received a parcel yesterday containing some new OGRE Goodies from CafePress - 2 T-shirts and a mousemat. My old OGRE mousemat was getting tatty so I figured it was time to get a new one, with the new logo we’ve had since 1.0, and that I should replace the previous style T-shirts I bought mainly to publicise OGRE at the GDC just over a year ago. I was very pleased with how the mousemat turned out especially, very high quality - although having a white background it will undoubtedly get grubby rather quick.

I also want to say thanks to the several people who made donations to OGRE over the xmas period - that was a very nice present. 😀I was just thinking recently that, given that the server costs money every month to run, we’d have to go on another donation drive fairly soon, but these donations will put that need off for another 3 months, so thanks!

2006 is almost upon us so I’ll have to think about writing my traditional ‘review of the year’ for the OGRE site. There will be no shortage of things to talk about, every year just seems to get busier. What with v1.0 (Azathoth) being finished, 2 new team members, commercial projects being successful and lots of great stuff going into Dagon (which is so near now, we’ve had to come up with a release name for the next version, which will be called ‘Eihort’), I think I’ll have plenty to fill a page or two.

Hope you all have a good new year.