VS 2005 arrives, lurgi

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Visual Studio 2005 Pro arrived today, a little earlier than I’d been warned it might be, and just in the nick of time to fall within the year of it’s name. I’m now in the process of switching wholesale to VC++ 2005 for all my development. I had to update Visual Assist X, which now requires a yearly fee to get updated versions, which is not unreasonable considering it’s a great product, and the fee isn’t huge (a tenth of the price of VS itself). Whilst Intellisense is definitely much improved in VS 2005 for C++, as I’ve found when using it for the XSI exporter, there are still lots of things about VA I love so it’s worth it.

I was slightly disappointed that profile assisted optimisation isn’t in the Pro version, they’ve saved that for the Team edition (serious dough) - I’d originally thought it was but nfz had forewarned me that that had been misreported by some 3rd party sources. Never mind.

[edit]In fact is is there - I was looking under the project optimisation settings, but it’s actually separately under the build menu - cool![/edit]

The deployment options look interesting - you can add a setup project to your solution, and pull in project output from other projects, together with their dependencies, and configure merge modules and other MSI things. At present I’m not sure if this is more straight forward than using Wix or not - it’s almost certainly faster. I wouldn’t use it for OGRE though since not everyone has the Pro version of VC 2005, but I might consider trying it out for something else. There’s also a second deployment tool called ClickOnce which allegedly handles applying and rolling back patches, including over the web, which sounds useful for end-user apps. That’s a different route which I haven’t tried yet. I will of course be playing with the whole package more over the next few days and will let you know what I think, particularly in comparison to the free Express version for regular C++ development.

Right now though, I’m feeling seriously rough so I think I’m going to lie down for a bit. There seems to be a particularly bad tempered kobold wedged in my throat, hacking away at my tonsils and the room has a bad habit of moving about without my permission. Ergh, I hate getting sick over the holidays… 🙁