MS have fixed the iostream memory leak

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Good news, MS have resolved the iostream memory leak in VS 2005. The question is now when they’re going to release it as a service pack. The last information I have is ‘first half of 2006’ which is rather uncomfortably vague. 😕

My one hope is that, judging by the number of people bitching around the net about problems with the .Net 2.0 elements of VS 2005 it (which I don’t use at the moment), that MS will make this earlier rather than later. Although, I suppose it could go the reverse way and fixing all the .Net bugs will push the full service pack later, delaying this vital and actually quite small C++ patch (in general I have to say VC++ 2005 is very stable for me, save for this leak). If I’m lucky they’ll release a separate merge module of just the CRT ahead of the service pack (since that’s all that’s affected), but I don’t think it’s worth holding my breath on that.