I'm a sad, sad man

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I just caught myself getting really excited over a PSU. Not any PSU, mind, this is the worlds smallest, fanless 12V ATX PSU. It’s absolutely tiny and can power a low-power motherboard as well as an optical drive and 2 hard drives, completely silently and taking up the space of 2 AA batteries. Wonderful.

It does require a separate external AC-DC converter of the type you’re likely to see attached to your printer or laptop, but those don’t have active cooling either. Combine that with a fanless C3 or C7 processor and you have a very nice silent server box, at a fraction of the price of systems like the Hush which replace active cooling fans with expensive self-cooling cases.

This appeals to me because I have an always-on low-power server box (running Linux of course) running on a pretty old C3 chip, whose primary source of noise is the PSU, small though it is in comparison to most (150W I think). The prospect of eliminating that sound entirely is rather attractive, and I really wouldn’t want to pay the inflated prices that the specialist vendors charge. The picoPSU plus an AC adaptor still comes in more expensive, but not by as much, and I’m sure they’ll reduce in price as demand increases. Nice.