Better late than never

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Today I finally got through the post an author’s agreement from Software 2.0, a magazine I wrote an OGRE article for over a year ago now. I also got copies of the magazines the article was published in (in February 2005), both the French and German versions. It’s kind of weird to see your own words translated into 2 foreign languages; it’s a shame there was no English version of that issue (even though that was the original language of the article, obviously). Even though my French & German are not good, the article came out well I think, it’s laid out nicely and they formatted out things like the material scripts well, and the screenshots look good. It all seems so long ago though, I wrote the article against Hastur (0.15.x) since Azathoth (1.0.x) was still in development at the time.

So, it looks like I’ll finally get paid for that work; it’s about time.