Portable console sales - function actually wins over form?

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The comparative sales figures of the DS and PSP so far make for some interesting reading:

Nintendo DS

US: 4 Million

Japan: 5 Million

Europe: 3.5 Million

Worldwide Total: 13 Million

Sony PSP

US: 4.5 Million

Japan: 3 Million

Europe: 2.5 Million

Worldwide Total: 10 Million

I must admit, I didn’t expect things to be like this, despite personally choosing the DS. I figured that more people (especially teenagers) would be overwhelmed by the looks and graphical power of the PSP, and the (IMO) gimmicky MP3 and movie playing capabilities, and see it as a no-brainer decision to buy the slicker looking one, but that hasn’t happened. Well, except in America but we know how superficial they can be sometimes 😉

I made a carefully considered choice for my portable platform, since I don’t have a lot of spare time so I wanted the one I bought not to become another cool but unused gadget sitting in a drawer. I didn’t buy either system on import or at launch, but instead bided my time a while to see what the games would be like. Overwhelmingly I found the DS line up far more interesting and so I made my choice, and I haven’t regretted it - as we enter 2006 the DS game lineup, both released and upcoming for 2006, is looking by far the more interesting. I find the PSP interesting as a development platform, since the graphical capabilities are good and the OpenGL ES interface very familiar, but when you ask me which one I’d prefer to play on, the DS wins every time.

Speaking of which, I finished Kirby: Power Paintbrush yesterday, although I intend to go back and see if I can get a few of the medals I missed. That is, if I can get my wife away from Meteos for a few minutes 😉 It’s a great little game and a lot of fun to play, the 100% stylus control makes it feel very tactile and freeform. I must also get back to Mario Kart, which I’ve only recently unlocked the reversed tracks for but otherwise have finished. If I get desperate, I always have Advance Wars still borrowed from a friend, which I enjoy but was too daunted by the length of time it took to just play through the tutorials to really get into at the time 😀