DS Lite, Ankh compo on Eurogamer

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Well, it appears that Ninty were fibbing to everyone when they denied the rumours over the last few weeks, and they do in fact have a new version of the DS in the wings, called the DS Lite, so named not because it has less features than the regular DS (as the misspelling of ‘Light’ would usually imply), but because it’s, well, lighter. Both in hue and mass - it’s ‘iPod white’ and 21% lighter at 215g. It’s also a little smaller, which will make it even more portable (and make the PSP look even more pocket-splitting than it already is ;)) One thing though - I find the new dimensions do make it look more like an old-skool Game & Watch. Perhaps they’ll do some special editions with Donkey Kong Junior art?

Secondly, Ankh is starting to make it into the British media now, with Eurogamer running a competition on it at the moment. Looks like it’s due for release in English on 3rd Feb by all accounts.