Facial animation demo in Dagon

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (184 Words)

Some of you may have noticed I’ve committed a facial animation demo to Dagon now. The demo shows the prescripted animation sequence I’ve posted a movie of before on this blog, and also allows you to play with blending the various poses in realtime, to show how it’s done.

Now, I’m clearing some patches, then I plan to move on to some of the remaining Dagon features. Because we’re short-handed now, some of the less important features may get pushed out to Eihort (1.2) instead, since Dagon is already packed to bursting with new features anyway. Still, I’d like to get as many as I can in - compositor scripting is one must-have (right now you can only use compositors in code), and I’d really like to get ribbon / arc effect systems in too, since the underlying tech is already there in BillboardChain. I really want to put some more time into Kadath too, although I’d really like to push hard to get Dagon out into the open soon. Gah, what I wouldn’t do to already be on an Uberman sleep schedule. 😉