Compositors, ribbons, parsers

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“Holy Spandex Batman, it’s suddenly February! What nefarious villain stole January away from under us? And what insane genius made this month several days shorter than the others?”

“It’s clearly a conspiracy, Robin. Now, you draw the enemy’s fire with your conspicuous, brightly coloured outfit while I sneak about in the shadows for a while.”

Yes, time flies when you’re havi-, well in my case working my arse off. In the last few days I’ve been tackling a few random things. I’ve cleared quite a few patches. I’ve been fixing a few issues with the compositor framework (post-filtering effects like glow, blur etc) and adding a demo to show them off. I’ve started writing a script parser for the .compositor scripts using the new Compiler2Pass parser generator (although that’s not functional yet, nfz is working on the generic parser code right now). Lastly, I’ve been largely rewriting the BillboardChain class to make it more flexible so that I can use it for doing ‘ribbon’ effects like jet trails and lightning bolts.

I expect to be occupied with the last 2 things until the end of this week at least, I also have a small piece of contract work to do which I really must devote some time to (hopefully not more than an evening). I also have to put some more work into approaching contributors about the proposed licensing changes after Dagon, and find some time for Kadath. I reckon that I have enough things on my TODO to fill about 4 times the time I actually have. 😕 I’m scaling back my time in the forums and on IRC for now to try to make more headway.