Ribbony goodness

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (146 Words)

I’ve just finished adding automatic ‘ribbon trail’ support to Dagon. This uses the BillboardChain class , originally contributed in the forums but I’ve mostly rewritten it over the last few days to make it more suitable for dynamic systems like this, and to give it lots more configurability.

RibbonTrail is a sublass of BillboardChain, and basically ‘watches’ Node instances, automatically building a trail behind them as they move. In the shot here, I’ve combined it with regular billboards for light flares and standard light objects, all of which are attached to a single node. I then build an animation track to move the nodes through space, and the rest just happens on it’s own. Kinda elegant if I do say so myself 😀All those people who keep posting pictures of Homeworld all the time and asking ‘How do I do this?’ should now be happy, hopefully.