English Ankh Reviews

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A friend pointed out an Ankh review on Eurogamer today, and on investigation I found a whole bunch of others. Probably the simplest way to summarise is to link the Metacritic page.

Overall it’s been received very well I think. Eurogamer gave it the worst mark of all the reviews so far (the others gave it around the 70-80% mark which is more in line with most of the German review sites), although they still made plenty of some positive comments. This could be because Eurogamer is more of a mainstream games site so their expectations are a little higher - given that I’m sure Ankh’s budget is far lower than any of the other games they usually review I think it did well.

I’ve noted a lot of people posting in forums relating to these reviews saying they’re really looking forward to playing it. There are a lot of adventure-starved people out there it seems, so I hope this turns out to be a success for Deck13.