Productive week, releases

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Well, it’s been a seriously crazy week, I’ve been flat-out the whole time. The good news is that plenty of OGRE work got done, including fixing a few relatively obscure bugs in the stable version (Azathoth), which will thus make it in to version 1.0.7, which I’m building right as we speak.

I believe this will be the last Azathoth release before Dagon goes planet-wide. I also managed to clear a good few of the remaining TODO items on Dagon this week, leaving only compositor scripting and a couple of platform & rendersystem-specific bugs to resolve before release, which with any luck we’ll be done with by the end of the month. I’m really very pleased with the result - Dagon turned into a year-long process in the end, which is certainly longer than I had anticipated, but the advances over Azathoth are significant, both in features and performance (see what’s new in the Dagon Notes), and the long gestation means that the result is, I believe, very stable; the more hardcore people in the community have been using the development version of Dagon from CVS for quite a while.

We’ve also decided to adopt the traditional ‘even numbers mean stable’ approach, and call Dagon “OGRE 1.2.0” when officially released. This will in future allow us to do beta releases of the odd-numbered versions and be clear about what they contain, instead of just directing people to CVS for the unstable version in future. So Dagon has been 1.1.x whilst in development, for example, and Eihort (the next version after Dagon) will be 1.3.x in development and 1.4.x when released.

Due to the proximity of Dagon I’ve pretty much put everything else on hold until it’s done, I just want to get it out of the door. I’ve begun collating a list of the contributors we will need to approach regarding the console-compatible parallel licensing for Eihort, it’s quite a long list but I’m getting there. The results of that will determine how much code we may have to rewrite if the developer who contributed it doesn’t agree - fingers crossed it won’t be very much since I think it’s clear we’re 100% committed to open source being the heart of OGRE (there will be absolutely no open source / commercial feature split, beyond the ability to build legally for consoles), we just want to make it available to more developers too. But we’ll see.

As with Azathoth there will be one or more public release candidate builds of Dagon before 1.2.0 is official. More on that later in the week. Lastly, I thought I’d link ‘Babys First Mythos’ which I found whilst browsing around for a Dagon image. Class.