Another VS 2005 issue

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (402 Words)

God, MS really need to get SP1 for VS 2005 out, now. I’ve been mildy irritated by the appearance of a little bar at the bottom of the VS window labelled ‘Updating Intellisense…’ which kicks in and generally screws up my performance measurement after I do a large build. I have to sit there waiting for it to finish before I take any performance stats because it hogs the CPU badly. It hasn’t been that bad since it seemed to only happen after a large build, especially when switching from Debug to Release and vice versa. Annoying but liveable.

Until I started making changes to some core headers. When I do that, every damn save causes that poxy bar to pop up, the ‘busy’ mouse icon to kick in, and my entire machine to slow to a crawl for 45 seconds or more. Kipper-slappingly annoying.

Like the std::iostream bug, this has already been reported to, and somewhat acknowledged by, MS, in this forum thread. I’ve used the workaround of completely disabling Intellisense for now (which doesn’t even have an option, you have to hack out a DLL for Christ sakes), just to make it workable. Luckily I use Visual Assist, which has it’s own code completion (a darn sight better than MS’s I might add), so I don’t lose out on anything from this. Others are probably gnashing their teeth. With Intellisense neutered, my save times for critical headers have reduced from tens of seconds to a fraction of a second but I still get code completion from VA. Sorted.

Intellisense has been rubbish in VC++ for a long time - the reason I’ve sworn by Visual Assist for years. It was supposed to be vastly improved in VS 2005, but it appears that whilst it’s now more reliable, it has shockingly bad performance. So still pretty useless then. Grr.

On a related note, VS 2005 also sucks down more memory than previous versions and it’s getting tight on my 512Mb laptop. I’ve been tinkering with the nightly builds of Code::Blocks recently and I like what I see, a lot. RC2 was good, but the nightly builds are even better. I’m strongly considering switching to C::B on my laptop because it’s a lot more resource efficient, and will also encourage me to test in gcc a bit more often 😀Hats off to the Code::Blocks guys, they’re doing a superb job over there.