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I’m quite pleased with the amount of work I’ve got done on OGRE over the past couple of weeks. As well as the things I’ve already mentioned in this blog, I’ve added a new ParticleSystem optimisation feature that lets you tell particle systems to stop updating if they’ve been out of camera shot for a defined period of time. Since particle systems can be CPU heavy, and you might want to distribute them around a bit, this should save some cycles and allow more particle systems to be used practically. The SceneManager changes are coming along fine, actually requiring me to tidy up a few areas that needed it whilst I’m at it. Hopefully I can start testing it tomorrow.

However, right now I’m a little knackered. I’ve had next to no R&R recently; my wife has been putting in lots of extra hours at work lately (it’s the end of year budget for her, big job) and that has given me an excuse to bury myself in work too. So, I’ve been putting in around 75-80 hour weeks all told, what with the day job, a little contract work and OGRE. Not the most extreme you hear of, but more than usual for me (55-60ish is my usual weekly quota). I love the feeling of having gotten through lots of work, but my brain has largely turned to mush right now, so perhaps I’ll chill and watch a film or something tomorrow night. We have some pink champagne that went unused from New Year because we were very ill, perhaps it’s the time to get that out the fridge 😀