Multi-SceneManagers working

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (184 Words)

Well, I got time to do more testing of the multi-SceneManager today, and amazingly it all seems to work; I now have multiple independent SceneManagers playing nice together and running pretty darn fast I have to say; that’s a Quake3 level, a LOD’ed terrain and a texture shadow test all running at once on my FX5900, each in their own separate subscenes. I think I see a few visual artefacts on the BSP level which I’ll look at, even though BSP is not our favoured format. (edit - fixed!)

Most people might not use multiple SceneManager’s simultaneously, even though you can; but it’s useful if you, for example, want a menu / inventory screen you can jump back to with it’s own mini-scene, or the interior of buildings, or something like that, where you don’t want to chop & change the whole scene or detach and reattach nodes and such. Just switch cameras and since each camera ‘belongs to’ a SceneManager it automatically renders only that subscene. As you can see it also doesn’t have to be the same type of scene structure either.