Gah, v2

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I got home today to discover that the PSU on my mini-Linux server had blown, and it’s turning out to be very difficult to find a simple replacement - this particular PSU was one of the early small form factor ones made by Chyang Fun and as such nobody seems to stock them anymore. I could buy a completely new case but that’s a bit of a waste. I need this machine since it’s my main mail repository, test web server, and the machine I build OGRE releases on. I’ve managed to get it back up and running using a spare regular PSU wired through a gaping hole at the back, but it’s far from ideal. I may cobble together another server from old bits I have or something, but I really don’t have the time this close to a Dagon release.

Worryingly when I booted up my main machine it started to complain about insufficient power on the GeForce - some cable juggling seems to have sorted it out but it makes me nervous that a surge may have played havok with my equipment here. I have surge protected strips but I’m now wondering if they’re doing their job properly. They are quite old so I think I’ll buy some new ones tomorrow.