Hardware patching

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Well, coding has been on the back burner today as I rejig my hardware to recover from the damage done a few days ago to the sensitive electronics in my home network by the sinister Captain Power Spike. Amazon and Overclockers have been their usual speedy selves, so my wireless and ADSL connections are restored to their previous state, with the small advantage that the new modem can handle ADSL2+, should it become available over here (for a fee which doesn’t require the auctioning of one or more of my organs), and I’ve shunted the firewall / VPN responsibilities off the Linux server to the dedicated hardware.

My Linux server, which I set up approaching 3 years ago now, was originally something to play with but has become absolutely indispensible over the years, so I’ve taken the opportunity whilst transferring the hardware to another box to rethink the resilience aspect. I have a couple of new 80Gb hard drives (which are shockingly cheap these days) which will be going into the otherwise cannibalised box on RAID1 to give me a little more peace of mind. I don’t really need disks this big - the server has survived easily on an old 30Gb drive since I had it since console-only Linux isn’t very big, leaving plenty of room for data files - but the smallest you can buy is 40Gb these days, and they’re only a couple of quid cheaper, so what the hey. Getting the server sorted is tomorrow’s job anyhow.

I’ll also be purchasing a UPS to protect this and my other critical hardware from future problems - they’re not that cheap, but this latest power problem has effectively cost me the equivalent of the cost of a UPS anyway, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had equipment destroyed by power problems. A friend has offered to try to get me a deal on one anyway, which will be very helpful. Funnily (or not) enough, there was another brief power blip earlier today while I was at work, which I found out was more widespread than our building later on, but this time all my home equipment was disconnected, luckily. At least once this is in place I can rest a bit easier that I shouldn’t have this problem again - it’s bad enough it happened this week, on the home straight to Dagon - had it happened next weekend it would have been even worse and would have delayed the release for sure.