Revenge of the Server, Return of the Amazon Parcels

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (307 Words)

I managed to plough through the majority of the Debian install on my new (well, recyled mostly) server today; pretty much all the software is there but it will need some more configuration and fine-tuning before it’s ready to replace the limping Gentoo server. The speed at which I could get everything on the box, starting from only a minimal boot CD is a testament to the wonders of apt and related tools.

In other news, I returned an item to today, because I’d initially ordered an ADSL router sans-wireless before I found out my wireless router was fried too, so I ordered an alternative but it was too late to cancel the other one. The returns process was impressively automated, probably the best one I’ve used - for those who haven’t used it they generate a prepaid return label and a barcoded note to include in the package so it’s just a case of cutting them out and attaching them to your package. This all sounded good, except that I was soon to discover that Royal Mail prepaid postage doesn’t apply in Guernsey, so I had to pay anyway. Not Amazon’s fault of course, just a little annoying.

I still have problems with my case fans not starting up properly on my dev box without a swift prod, but Thermaltake have agreed to replace them so that should get sorted soon.

I really hope to get down to some OGRE work tomorrow. I wrote the beginnings of a HDR compositor script in my lunch hour today (nfz has been working hard on the generic BNF-based parser in Dagon and the compositor scripts now parse), I doubt this will make it into RC1 but I can aim for RC2 at least - being a demo it won’t matter if it’s a little late to the party.